Thursday, April 28, 2011

the name game :)

It's back! In "brannonpeople" tradition, the blog name game begins :) 
Each person get's one guess, so choose wisely. Leave your name and a blog link or email!
The prize is my new favorite CJ Home "Laguna Beach" candle :)
(It's yummy, really yummy) 

1. It is a car. 
2. 2 syllables.
3. Contains the letter "E'. 

The first person to comment the correct name wins!



Ashley McWhorter said...


Jessica said...

I really wish I had more than one guess... but I'm going to go with Raider.

Mrs. Pecadillo said...

I already wrote this on FB but I think it's Bentley. I was actually on bluebook today (randomly) and I thought that would be the coolest name. Either that or Volkswagen lol

Mrs. Pecadillo said...

I don't know why that put my blog name :) this is Susi Johnson :)

Katie Haney said...


Brooke Johnson said...

Haha that's probably wrong....
Or lightening McQueen.........?

Melissa said...

Maxwell?? (I may have had help on this ;)!So if it's right I can't take full credit...JP)

Amanda said...

I think Susi's got it with Bentley, but since I can't win saying that I'll guess...Eagle...ha, just kiddng. I'll go with Tucker.

Aleksandra Hoffman said...

Ranger?? :)

Carly Jean Brannon said...

Alrighty... We have a winner :)

Tucker James it is!

Amanda you are the winner! :)

Amanda said...

I've always wanted at Carly Jean candle! :) Yay.

jules said...

Dang it!!
I haven't read blogs the last few days and i missed this!~!!!!!! argh!!!! :) :) :)

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