Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Alright, it's really happening. We sold our house and are in escrow on a new one. Crazy. That's why the blog has been a little neglected, due to lot's going on around here :) 

The Lord is good. Crazy good. I was SO done with the selling and moving thought, that I really had NO clue this all was really going to go down! Literally on the day Chad and I had decided to pull the house of the market, we had an offer come in. We then found a house we wanted to move to within 24 hours, which was quite a miracle after looking for 8 months and not really finding anything we loved! We are thrilled and if all goes on schedule, we will be there in about 10 days...yes, 10 days.... crazy!

Pray all the details of the houses work out smoothly and that this sweet little baby keeps cooking without bedrest (so far so good :) I will post some pics of the new house soon! And I think we might have come to a conclusion on this little guys name, so I'm thinking a blog name game might need to happen :)

Enjoying that we really are moving,


Brooke Johnson said...

Ahh Carly I still can't believe it's all happening! SO exciting :-) text me if you guys need help moving or with anything!! <3 xoxo

Jessica said...

Hi Carly...i would call, but I've lost all my contacts...such a pain. Anyways, do you need help at all? Caleb is coming home for good and we would love to serve you guys anyway we can. Let me know. And I can't wait to hear the name.

Ashley Wauhop said...

yay baby name and moving! exciting times :)

Bethany said...

can't wait to hear the baby name!!!!!!

L a u r a said...

Serendipity is no accident. =) Congratulations on the house/s situation!

Looking forward to another baby name guessing game--last one was so much fun!