Sunday, March 27, 2011

spider man

I don't really know where the spider man liking came from, but Hud thinks he's quite cool. Last week I found this costume at a garage sale, and the lady just gave it to me when she saw how excited Hud was about it :) Let's just say, the thing is now worn daily. Not just at home daily, like to the store, park, and anywhere we go, daily. I just wanted to warn the greater Los Angeles area, to not be alarmed when they see spider man around town. No need to be afraid! He's here to serve and protect! 
Enjoying my spider man ;)


Suelynn said...

Too cute!

Ashley Wauhop said...

i love this! he is too funny!!

Bethany said...

still laughing about this one.... i bet he made that garage sale lady's day!