Monday, March 28, 2011

the new puppy :)

Ok. The puppy was a test run.
But that face, oh that squishy little puppy face it's what did us in.
After falling in love with this sweet little guy, We (I) had a moment of insanity and thought it would be doable to have 3 little boys and a puppy! The owner of the puppy offered for us to let him sleep over for a night to test it out and allow us to see if we wanted to keep him... Which I am so thankful he let us do. I quickly figured out I was crazy and that a new puppy before a new baby was a little much (understatement). 
We were very sad to give this guy back, but enjoyed our "24 hour puppy":) Cj


Brooke Johnson said...

Carly..... This dog is the cutest thing ever..... O my goodness!

The Payne's said...

Oh my word..he's cute! Hud looks like he had a blast with him! Someday...

Ashley Wauhop said...

o my goodness! cutest puppy!! he and Fordy looked so good together :)

Carly Jean Brannon said...

We loved this guy, he was SO cute! But I'm trying to potty train and discipline my own children let alone a puppy, too much! It was quite tempting...

Bethany said...

glad reason overcame the cuteness.... =) because that is a lot of cuteness! what kind of dog is it? kate told me the other day she had to grow really fast.... so she can get a dog... =) something to look forward to!

jules said...

he looks like a stuffed animal!!!!!!!!
ya, kids + dogs = lots of poop that you get to deal with! :) :) :)

Jenny said...

what a face! too cute!

The Payne's said...

Who are you potty training? Ford? If so you are a brave woman! I finally got Nathanael potty trained! Woohooo!

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