Wednesday, March 2, 2011

retail simplified...

I've never really been online savvy or loved shopping online. Being a former small business owner, I love shopping mom and pop shops. I love to look for treasures and find one of a kind pieces. But when it comes to everyday stuff or basics for a bargain...

 I absolutely love Old Navy online. Kinda boring, or dorky you may question, but I think over the past few years they have become quite with it! And you can't beat the prices! I signed up to receive their emails which are always offering huge discounts and coupon codes. Almost every time I've order I receive at least 20% off my entire order. I was in need of a some new maternity pieces and Hud needed some new spring stuff. Here's a few of the pieces we ordered last week all at 20% off or more! I just got them in, and love them! 
These are Huds favorite shorts! and @ $5.00 each, I bought 3 different colors!
I bought these for Hud in the camo print last year and he wore the life out of them. I think I love them because they are just SO easy to get on and off! They're super cute and go with everything!
So comfy and go with everything... these rock :)
Nice and long!
Great fit!
Oh, and you've got to love the free shipping for all orders over $50!


jules said...

Love old navy online! Very very dangerous!!! :) SOOO different than what they have in the actual stores!!!

Anonymous said...

where did you get your supply of clothing for your carlyjean clothing store? Where can I find clothing that looks like the stuff from your old store? I only saw pictures of the store. Give us some more of your shopping secrets. :) Thank you!!!!

Jessica said...

Those are Elijah's favorite shorts too!