Sunday, January 23, 2011

TX Road Trip... best backyard

This post will start my series of our TX Road trip best's 2010 :)

The Brannons win for best backyard!
yes, this is in their backyard...
Now being from California, I think any land bigger than 6,000 square feet is big. But in TX that's the size of most people's front lawns. So this December when we went to visit my in-laws at their new house, we were blown away by the amazingly fun property they live on! Here's a few pic's...
This was a little boys paradise! The kids were playing outside at all times! 
(oh, and this is across from the front yard :)
I lasted for one hole, I'm terrible, definitely not my sport. But Chad and I got a laugh out of it!

Thanks for the wonderful time Nonna and Poppa! Your backyard was too fun! 
We enjoyed our time with you so much! 


Jessica said...

Love it! Lets both move to somewhere with big back yards...okay? Can't wait to see more.

L a u r a said...

How refreshing! Your kids will have such great memories running around a place like that!

I had to giggle at the picture of the three little boys standing up in the canoe--usually not a combination for staying dry! We used to canoe all the time in MN, so I know how very tippy those things are. Kudos to Chad for keeping those boys out of the drink! =)

Emma Leigh Harasick said...

that first photo reminds me of the location we did your shoot! :-) Love it!

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