Thursday, February 3, 2011

Texas wrap up ;)

So here's the conclusion of our TX Best 2011 :)

Best Road Trip Driver:  Chad :)
Best Traveling Style: Hudson
The ever-so classy doggy clip on :)
Best Trooper on the Road: Fordy
Best Birthday Celebration: Hud's Birthday @ Grammy's House
A shark face to go along with his very cool shark cake :)
Best Instant Friends: The Paynes and the Carlsons
This was the best pic I could get with my broken flash :)
Best Activity: Family Walk, 
with the entire Brannon family :)
We love you Texas peeps! We enjoyed our time so much, we hope to see you soon,


TerryH said...

Adorable pictures!! The boys get cuter every day. Nice to see you guys had a good time. Hope everyone down there is okay with all this bad weather.

Brooke Johnson said...

love that little shark face!!!