Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sue's Spots

Sue and I met at church while serving on high school staff together. I was a little intimidated at first, she's super pretty, super smart and super godly, and spews wisdom. She was nice to be my friend, and became great friends instantly. What a blessing of a friend she was! Not to mention one of the most fun and cultured people I know. She is the daughter of resturant owners and was a pastry chef at the ever so yummy Clementine Bakery. She and her husband moved to Toronto, Canada this year back where he is originally from. 

I thought I'd share this post from her blog ,and pass along some yum spots for all you Cali peeps, or spots for all you out of towners to check out when you're in So-Cal!

Thanks Sue! Enjoy. CJ

When people ask me what I miss about living in California, 
my immediate response after
 1. The people, is 2. The food! 
We live about 25 minutes outside Toronto
 so it's pretty bare bones in terms 
of eating out options around here. It's mostly typical
 suburban restaurant chains and quite depressing 
for someone who likes
 a variety of unique foods. 
Teamed up with the fact that I just discovered 
"The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on the Food Network,
 it's got me thinking about some of the best
 things I've ever eaten in LA, 
so to all my Cali friends out there,
 please go check out these places 
and take a big, yummy bite for me:)
(in no particular order):
- Tito's Tacos: Culver City: The tacos! 
Served up with a side of thick and crunchy tortilla chips
 and delicious housemade salsa,
Tito's Tacos with cheese are simple yet oh so tasty. 
There is always typically a line up 
no matter what time of day you go
 but they move fast and the wait is worth it.
- Kouraku: Little Tokyo (downtown): 
I always order one of two things at
 this little modest hole in the wall,
 1. The nikudango (sweet and sour meatballs,
 I know, sounds weird to have at a Japanese restaurant 
but they are SO good!) 
or 2. The kimchi ramen. 
The ramen is always piping hot and
 the kimchi adds a nice kick of flavor, 
I am almost always craving this when it rains.
- Versailles: various locations: 
The Famoso Pollo Versailles! 
Served with a side of rice, black beans, 
and fried plantains, this garlic chicken dish is absolutely delicious.
- The Oinkster: Eagle Rock: The belgian fries! 
These are the best french fries ever; 
I like to dip mine in regular Heinz ketchup 
(even though they have a house version)
 and/or their garlic aioli sauce, the best!
- Damon and Pythias: Westwood: 
The cheesesteak sandwich and onion rings! 
This winning combo is so good and 
the onion rings are the best I ever had.
- Pho 999: Van Nuys: The pho with rare beef 
or the vermicelli noodle salad with grilled beef and egg rolls.
 Inexpensive, quickly served, and super tasty, 
this kitschy Vietnamese restaurant was always a go-to for Matt and me.
Bon appetit!

P.S. Suelynn always posts fabulous recipes! Check out her blog for yummy ideas!


Ashley McWhorter said...

My iphoto was acting crazy once. I made an appointment with the genius bar at the Mac store. They had it fixed right up in about 10 min. Oh, and they also transferred all of my pics to an external hard drive b/c they said I had too many on my computer. Almost 20,000! HA! Hope this helps. :)

Carly Jean Brannon said...

Ashley, I will definitely have to go in, I'm sure it's a simple fix. I actually already have an external hard drive because of my large #'s of pics, so its probably downloading to some secret spot I can't find!

Melissa said...

You are just as pretty, super godly, very wise, divinely creative and crafty and I am SO glad you are my friend :). Thanks for sharing this fun post! I hope your computer gets fixed quickly. I have a new home to decorate and I need your inspiration!

Suelynn said...

I am so thankful that you would be friends with me! I thought all those things about you and more and I will always remember all our little foodie adventures and massage school days - ha! You are a treasure of a friend and I love you dearly. Thanks for all the ways that you inspire me!