Wednesday, December 15, 2010

page wreath

wreath4Last week, I was checking my email and of course had some random facebook emails that resulted in the FB know....we all know....the one that you 20 minutes later stop and realize your looking at some family vacation pictures from Hawaii in 2005, and you don't even know the family! Ya, I don't do facebook much, because when I do it's that! Some people have great self control there and it's a wonderful tool to keep in touch, not so much for me :) 

 This day wasn't necessarily that bad of a vortex, but actually a cool find. This picture of this beautiful wreath popped up on my news feed and I couldn't help but click on it! It was a link to this blog, domestic life (which looks like a super cute blog). She had a bunch of fun and unique DIY wreaths. I couldn't help but post the pic's. You could make this with so many things! Sheet music, old books, patterned paper, and the list goes on! 
If I have a chance before our trip, I'm totally making one! 
Enjoy, Cj

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