Saturday, October 30, 2010

no cooking lunch party!

A few months back Chad and I hosted a little birthday lunch for a good friend and 6 guests. I spaced and forgot that our kitchen was being demolished at 8:00 the morning of the lunch party! Great planning huh :) So, my plans of a yummy homemade lunch were out the window! Ok, now on to Plan B. This is where my good old pal Trader Joe came in handy! Since there was no kitchen, I needed something I didn't have to cook or prepare...hmm, what's a girl to do!? I ended up grabbing 5 TJ's Chinese Chicken Salads (just tossed in a large glass bowl :), Chicken Potstickers with dipping sauce (not my favorite place to cook, but warmed them in the microwave that was plugged in, in the dinning room) and Pre-Sliced Fresh Fruit ( pineapple, blueberries and strawberries). Dessert was an assortment of there fabulous frozen treats (brown sugar bars & mini ice cream cookies) that I just threw on some festive plates. So, all this to say... this menu could be a fun picnic party or impromptu lunch or dinner for last minute guests! It takes almost no time to prepare and yet still feels sorta-homemade! 

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Michelle said...

This was such a fun and yummy lunch!