Saturday, December 31, 2011

ghetto fab popsicles w/ green smoothies

Ok, random timing for popsicles :/ but I had to share. 
I live in Los Angeles. And since sometimes in the middle of winter we have lovely 75 degree today.  It's the perfect day to make popsicles :) I often keep these in our freezer for way easy healthy snacks!

It's another not really a recipe recipes. I've got 3 little munchkins these you can tell my recipes on the blog are getting quite ghetto! 

Just freeze green smoothies into small dixie cups with large tooth picks inserted in the middle the sticks! Pop in the freezer for a few hours and ta da! Peel the cup off and you've got healthy "green popsicles".

The ones in the pic above are made with Greens berry mix, bananas, orange juice and ice.... 
but you can do them the Sneaky Spinach way too!

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