Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I love my husband :)

I love my husband so much. I heard this song tonight and was reminded how much I love him. 
When the writer describes the dancing in the "mine fields" all I could think of was our first year of marriage.

 In our first year of marriage we lost our baby, Olivia , which was quite an unexpected "mine".
But it is so true, the Lord carried us through, and gave us each other to go through it together. And as the years have gone on, there have always been tests and trials, some big and some small. But I thank the Lord for the gift Chad to me, and can't imagine "dancing in the mine fields" with anyone else.

This song is so true and so sweet. Maybe it will encourage you and make you love your husband more too :) It's probably playing on the play list right now, but if not, listen here...
Also wives, I read this article this week.
So good! 
We can never stop learning how to be better wives! This article was convicting and encouraging.
 Check it out :)


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