Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tucker baby is home!

Finally! A picture of this little guy!
Woohoo! We are so excited and thankful to all be in one place :)
Thank you for all your prayers, help, emails, etc. We now settling in and figuring out our new routine. Once I get a chance I will post some more pics. There's lots of life to catch up on!
Enjoying every minute of this Tucker Baby (as hudson like to call him:)


Ky, Lori, Cason, Cole, and Cody said...

soooo excited for yall!!!

Brooke Johnson said...

oh my goodness Carly, he is so beautiful!
rejoicing with you that he is home safe!

Bethany said...

hip hip hooray! we've been praying for tucker at night!!! he is super pretty... in a very boyish way, of course=)

Matt said...

oh my! love him already :)

the e-wife, Karen said...

He's such a Brannon boy :-) God bless your family of 5!

TerryH said...

Awww, Good to hear that both of you are now home!! He's adorable!! Cute as a button. Can't wait to see him awake. lol

Ashley McWhorter said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful and perfect! God is good!

Christina Nichole said...

Ahhh, adorable! He already looks like his glad that he's home safe!

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