Tuesday, November 16, 2010

impromptu craft week

I have several million(slight exaggeration) posts that I'd love to post, new sweet pics of my boys(did I mention how sweet thet were?:), a few yummy recipes, new pics of a clients room I'm working on, a few new fun stories... but I'm not a fan of posting without pictures and my iphoto is down! As of now my computer is  telling me, I have no pictures in my photo library that normally has an average of 12,000 photos in it... ahh, where are you pictures!? I'm praying they are not all gone. That would be quite sad(understatement). So, since I can't post the stuff I was planning on posting, I will keep sharing my craft/holiday finds and a few old posts. It's now going to be craft week... or a few craft days until I get iphoto back and running :) I've had a few people ask about templates for the Dear Lillie projects, and I found some for y'all! Also, I'm throwing in a few recipe ideas that make great gifts! Until the pics are found, 
Enjoy the random crafts... 
Here is an easy pattern for stockings:
Here are the templates for the "Dear Lillie" pillows:
Here are 2 of my favorite easy to make desserts that make great gifts, they are delicious, simple to package and enjoyed by everyone! Put them in chinese take-out boxes or clear favor bags! Bring to a holiday gathering, give as thank you's, or make just for fun... But I might take that back, I wouldn't recommend the "make just for fun", these are way too dangerous to make and not eat. Have a place you are quickly taking them after you make them...
Also, I thought I'd throw in another random, but yummy gift idea :) We made around Thanksgiving last year. Super easy and super useful.


Emma Leigh Harasick said...

LOVE Bethany's peanut butter squares! Those are killer! Makes me miss them ever more :-)

colstonfamilyliving said...

I made a pillow like the one you posted from dear lillie! I made "O Holy Night", since that's my hubby's fave Christmas song. Not quite as nice as dear lillies, but super fun! Thanks for sharing the idea! (I used a sharpie and everything)!

Carly Jean Brannon said...

I agree Emma, they are killer and they do remind me of some wonderful friends!

Way to go Jenny! How fun you already made the pillow! It probably looks great. Glad you thought they were a fun craft too!

Dear Lillie said...

Just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing our stuff! You are so sweet and have a great blog!

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