Monday, October 4, 2010

sunday afternoon

While there was an open house at our house, we had some adventures looking for a new home yesterday afternoon! After  church and a great meting with our SLC students from High School ministry, we decided to try to catch a few open houses. We are super random and literally just start driving, following our Redfin apps on our iPhones to interesting neighborhoods and houses for sale. Yesterday, we went from the foothills of Glendale weaving up every street until we got to Montrose. We love this area, and just keep coming back to it! I just so happened to have my camera in the car so, here's some pics of our stops and adventures :)

hud couldn't stop running and chasing this cute little old man's dog, this was the perfect spot to get some wiggles out after sitting in the car for one too many minutes :)
we stumbled across this random estate, turned park :) a fun future picnic spot
edible :)
We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Black Cow Cafe. This is a must try in Montrose :)
Everything on the menu is great. 
and they serve LA Mill tea and coffee, so they're really cool!
Chad and I love LA Mill in Silverlake, great date spot :)
here's a link:  LAMILL COFFEE
We enjoyed our weekend, I hope y'all enjoyed yours! 
Have a wonderful week!  


the e-wife, Karen said...

LOVE Montrose! I grew up there, in neighboring north Glendale. It still feels like home to me, I do all my errands in Montrose, La Crescenta and La Canada.

Black Cow is one of my faves, too.

Loved your family pics too! Such a cute fam!

jules said...

BLACK COW!!! honey chicken salad!!! ahhhhhh!!! :)

montrose is an awesome area!!! good schools too!!! :)

L a u r a said...

Ooh, Montrose--nice mountain backdrop, right? I have a grade school friend (now wife of Desp. Housewives plumber) who lives in Glendale. Sounds like a lovely area.

Best wishes in selling your place and finding a wonderful new home!!


Yadira said...

I loved the shops when we lived in Montrose! You are making me want some coffee from the black cow cafe! I used to stop there all the time... :)