Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arts and Cracks

I've been wanting to be creative and educational with my playtime at home with the kids. So Hud and I made an Arts and Crafts Box, which he calls the Arts and Cracks Box! I just designated a clear bin in my craft closet and filled it with:

-crayons and chalk
-ghetto rubber stamps found at the thrift store
( so it is no biggie if they get thrashed!)
- ink stamp pad
-scrap paper and  spiral bound note books
-blank cards and envelopes (easy card making!)
-play dough
-bubbles (not really crafty but for some reason they're there :)

Hud loves it! We play with it almost every day. It's been a great way to work on colors, shapes and letters, all while having fun and being creative! It's an easy clean up too, throw it all back in the box and you're done! And it was way cheap, this doesn't have to be fancy , it's easy thrift store and dollar store stuff! 
Enjoying our pre-school at home :),

here's some of the lovely work that the art box has produced!
homemade doughnuts!
oh, yeah this is another fun tool for our Arts and Crafts time. 
This IKEA Chalk board is a must have!:)and @ 15.00 it makes a great gift too!A pack of chalk and a bow, you'll be good to go!


Caleb and Jessica said...

I love the picture of Hudsons hand using the stamp. Kids little features are so sweet!

Suelynn said...

I'm with Jessica - I love the pic of Hudson's little hand, so sweet! Thanks for the great crafty idea my little crafty friend.