Saturday, June 26, 2010


Here's a few pics, recipes, and ramblings from the latest happenings around here. This is a quite random assortment, enjoy...
 This is what Ford does about 95% of the day :)
Those lovely little front teeth are bound to be here any day.

 Hud has this new backpack he got from my mom.
He thinks it's the coolest thing and wears it anywhere he can.

 We got a new couch for the den. Ford is a fan.
It's down feather cushions are pretty much the most comfy thing you will ever sit on.
We got it at  Sofa U Love and are super happy with it!


 We had a fun dinner and meeting for the 180 High School Staff at our home recently. It's so fun to host these people. I love this ministry and am so glad to be able to serve them! Here was the 
  easy summer menu:

Briana's Strawberry Salad
mixed baby greens, crumbled goat cheese, fresh sliced strawberries, 
tossed in "Briana's Blush Wine" dressing

D.C. Chicken Salad on Croissants

4 Chicken breasts, cooked and chopped into cubes OR 1 small 
whole roasted chicken, de-boned and shredded OR 2 Lrg. cans of 

2 celery ribs, chopped 

1/4 cup dried currants or dried cranberries 

1/4 cup Miracle Whip (make sure that you use this brand to keep 
the sweet flavor) Also, I add a bit more if it seems dry. 

1/3 Small red onion, finely chopped 

1/2 Granny smith apple, chopped 

1 1/2 oz. slivered almonds (optional) 

Mix all ingredients together and serve over baby greens, or on a 
sliced croissant or bread as a sandwich. Enjoy!  

Italian Bow Tie Pasta

cooked and chilled bow tie pasta, crumbled feta cheese,
grape tomatoes (sliced in 1/2), julienned fresh basil, 
tossed in Bernstien's Italian Dressing

(hey Julie, there's the signs :)

 We LOVE our pool and the weather has been perfect for swimming. 
This is the fishy that occupies it.

 I just love my family and I am so blessed to get to spend time with them so often.
My parents and my grandmother live super close to us and we get together all the time. I love our impromptu dinners and hang time. I love that the boys get to see them and play with them all the time.

Here's a few eats we made last week, yumm :)

A staple appetizer for every BBQ at our house!
1 pack Lipton Onion Soup mix and 1 reg. size sour cream, mix and enjoy, serve w/ Ruffles Chips
maybe not the healthiest thing, but it's delish :)... ok, for sure not the healthiest thing.

Hud got a hair cut, and is looking like a stud :)

this bald guy will not be needing a hair cut for a while, but also is looking like a stud :)

I have been debating on getting one of these since I had Hud. The jade looking necklace in the pic is actually a baby teething ring necklace. Ford loves it! It is a great gift too. They look even better in person, you'd never guess it was a teething ring :) The fun company that makes them is SmartMom.  
I found the best price online at

Enjoying the weekend!


L a u r a said...

Fun post! I think Hudson looks like a swimming superhero in the pic with the mask--and I just love little boy haircuts. I think Ford is getting cuter by the minute...especially in all those pics (other post) of him smiling at his daddy! =)

Debra said...

Hi Carly, You would probably never remember me, but I'm always keeping up with your fun posts. My brother is Kyle Sanderson, and we visited quite a long time ago in the fall for a Texas Tech football game. You were gracious hosts and I know I enjoyed my time there. Seems like you guys are doing well and your boys sure are cute! Kyle & Steph moved to Texas, but I'm still out here in Cali. Take care

Carly Jean Brannon said...

Laura, Hud does look like a super hero :)

And Debra, I totally remember you! Fun to hear from you. That Tech party was so fun, so glad you guys came. It was great to hear from you, I hope you and your family are doing well:)


Anonymous said...

Your Texas family is jealous, jealous, jealous!!!!