Wednesday, June 9, 2010

come on sarah!

after :)
Chad and I love the Canadian designer Sarah Richardson of "Sarah's House" the HGTV show. But we always crack up at her budgets that are so ridiculous! 15, 20, 25 thousand dollars!! For decorating. Just for decorating! She can be decorating anything from an entryway to a bedroom, and that is a normal budget !?! Ok Sarah, cool rooms but....come on :)! What normal person can spend that?

Here's my "Come on Sarah!" project I (with my cute handyman) took on this week. We gave our entry way a quick make over for.... are you ready?..... under $10.00 :)

The new pieces are:
$4.00 Chandelier (toluca lake garage sale score, from a fab house:)
$2.99 11x14 photo print from Costco
$0.00 Fresh roses from the yard

The rest of the room is repurposed items from other rooms. Re-purposing items I already have and moving them around is a weekly event here :) I moved a mirror out and simplified the counter spaces, having less little items . I love the new space, simple and a better blend of pieces!

I know it's not quite Sarah standards, but neither is the price!
Enjoy! Cj


julie m said...

haha i love this post!

hey, i dont think i could spend $25,000 on a mudroom if i was forced to!!!! :)

oh, sarah!!

Carly Jean Brannon said...

me either! I knew this post would make sense to you. :)