Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hudson and his toothbrush

As I cleaned up dinner tonight, Hud on his own accord got out his toothbrush, toothpaste and step (potty by day, step by night :) He had already had his bath (pre-dinner), so he was ready to wash his hands and  brush his teeth. Here's a few pics. I love on the first one, that sweet little arm barely reaching the water. The second pic, is my new favorite hand soap :)(Basil Hand Soap + Refill Set from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day) that was sitting on the counter. And the last pic is Hud's favorite part, the spit part! The only time of day when it's A OK to spit :)

It was so weird watching my little guy look like such a big guy. This is what everyone talks about what they say it goes by so fast! It was just yesterday he didn't even have teeth, now he's brushing them without being asked?  I had to capture this little moment, too cute. Enjoying that I'm still needed to turn the water on and kiss him goodnight, Cj


L a u r a said...

Adorable pictures!

Christina Nichole said...

How cute! I remember Hudson being so tiny, no teeth, no hair, now he's brushing his teeth and has a full head of hair!! Now Ford is the little baby, but still...wow!