Friday, April 9, 2010

Pic's for Bethany :)

One of my favorite people moved across the country a few months ago. My dear friend Bethany, now lives in Virginia where her husband Nate is a college pastor. We were talking on the phone last week and I was trying to describe to her all the random little projects we've done and things I moved around the house since they've been gone... the moving things around is a daily even around here :) Nothing stays in the same place for too long! I had some random pieces from my store that I didn't want to get rid of, but couldn't find the right spot for. So all the old store stuff got worked in! Also some super sweet friends of ours gave us a ton of new furniture and things, because they were doing a major remodel on their home. We got everything from new doors to a new dishwasher... even flagstone from their yard. So I thought I'd post some pics of the latest @ the "casa de brannons" :) They're not the coolest shots but will at least give an idea of what it's looking like... this week :)

our old dinning room table became my desk and my favorite garage sale chair became my desk chair :)
stone, wood chips, and "BBQ deck"
the flagstone I dug up became a path
a sauna we disassembled became a deck  :)

quite ghetto but works for now, our old fence became a "deck"
and the CJ fitting room, became a little backdrop 
fun new mirror and stone entry table from the "sweet people"
all my bird cages from "Carly Jean" are in the yard :)
excuse the messy kitchen :), but there's my fab new dishwasher
bethany, here's your patio table we use probably everyday :)
family room
Nothing too crazy new in here just moved around a few things

lamp on a tray thing :) 
garage sale mirror I could never find a place for... now on the piano!
Ok, so maybe that was way more pictures than I thought I was posting... :) I'll put some of the boys' fun new room soon too, new bed, new crib and fun swap around the room . 

As I put these pics up, I am reminded of how kind the Lord is to us. He is not only so merciful to save our souls, he also is so loving to bless us with a sweet marriage, amazing children, and a super fun home. It's all from Him. The killer deal on our house. The work and jobs that Chad gets and loves to do, that provide for us. Sweet and generous friends that think of US to give all their old treasures to. The ever-so fun  Saturday morning garage sale finds. The fun Chad and I have working together making this house a home. To Him be the Glory always!
Enjoying this Life! Cj


L a u r a said...

You have made such a sweet and lovely home together, and it's heartwarming to know how grateful you are for it.

Are you sure you have a couple of little boys living there? I don't see any "people rollers" all over the floor like we used to have!

Your piano reminds me of the one I learned on--it was Gma & Gpa Cox's. We got it when they moved to CA WAY back when...

TerryH said...

The pictures are just wonderful. It's nice to see all the new things you and Chad have added to the new place. Love the patio!!

Lori's Recipe Blog said...

I can't believe how great everything looks! You are so talented and creative. I want some "sweet friends" like that. What a blessing. When we finally get settled, you are going to have to come help me decorate. Love and miss yall

Emma Leigh Harasick said...

Carly, I just LOVE your family! :-)

Amanda said...

I love it all, Carly! I really love how you turned the dining room table into a desk. :)

Carly Jean Brannon said...

thank you for all your sweet comments :)