Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grandma Pat's Cabbage Salad

I just got this e-mail from my mom... I love her little notes after the recipe :) It's SO my mom, I can hear her saying what she's writing! This is my Grandma Pat's amazing cabbage salad recipe. She used to make it for special dinners and holidays, it was always made on Easter. She was such an great cook and hostess. I'm so thankful for all the sweet memories with her, and all the yummy food she made for us. I love to have this in the spring and summer. It is delicious with burgers or chicken from the BBQ. Here's the email:


This is from a G.P. hand written recipe card:

1C real mayonnaise
3Tb Lemon Juice
2Tb sugar
1tsp salt
6 cups shredded or chopped cabbage

Mix well.

She notes: Recipe is on Best Food Mayo Jar

My observation is that she made it by the card, yet I always saw her taste it
and add more sugar. Also, she used the whole head of cabbage which may or
not be 6 cups and that's why you must taste and add a little more mayo too if
it's over 6 cups.
I sometimes add Cavenders instead of the salt. And always some fresh ground pepper if possible. Other optional ingred. are cilantro, jicama, celery seeds.

It is also good to make hours before so that it has time to break down and macerate—as Julia might say, then taste again.... decide  whether it needs salt, mayo, lemon or vinegar.
Another healthy option is to put a little less mayo and add olive oil. 

Okay, there you have it—stick to recipe or improvise. Good luck. Yum.


Make it! I promise you'll enjoy! Cj