Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun Spots

It's been a while since I've posted about some of our spots around town. Here's some places we enjoy!

For Breakfast we are loving Kings Road Cafe 12401 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604, it had been in the works for a long time and just recently opened. We were so curious we had to give it a try. It has now become a regular spot! They are famous for their great coffee but, the whole wheat granola, blueberry, banana and pecan pancakes are my favorite! ... yes, you read that right... whole wheat  granola, blueberry, banana and pecan pancakes... they can fit all of that in a pancake! And they are wonderful! :) The fruit and nuts are so tasty, you almost don't even need the syrup.  Chad and I always want sweet AND savory, so we split the pancakes and the mixed veggie omelette. Yum!

For Lunch (or dinner) we discovered Tomato Pie 2457 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles (Silverlake), CA 90027  ... my oh my do we love tomato pie! This place has one of the tastiest pizzas I've ever had. They are famous for the "Grandma" pizza which consists of olive oil, crushed tomatoes, fresh garlic, 
fresh basil, romano cheese. This pizza is a must try! We also had the the "Works" which rocked! 
They have been voted "one of the best pizzas on earth" by GQ magazine and "best pizzas on the west coast" by Sunset magazine... some pretty good sources, eh! 
You can buy the pizza by the slice or by the whole pizza, so it's great for lunch for two or ten! And I love this area there's so many cool shops and spots i'll have to write about another day... but if you do go here, go to Alcove Cafe & Bakery 1929 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90027 for dessert! :)

For Dinner we have been craving Bamboo 14010 Ventura Blvd. • Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 
... not the plant the restraunt :) Wow, we love this place. It has fabulous food and a fun fine dining vibe with a totally average price menu! It's been voted "best chinese in the valley" by ZAGAT, not too shabby! We ordered the won-ton soup, Bamboo Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce (white meat chicken in a black hoisin sauce served with steamed broccoli) and the Singapore Style Fried Vermicelli (noodles with shrimp, chicken, beef, and egg, red and green peppers, sauteed in yellow curry...mmm) and were blown away! The next night I asked Chad what he wanted me to make for dinner and he replied "lets just go to bamboo!"... we did eat at home, but are looking forward to going back for some tasty chinese food soon!
Check these places out, I'm sure you will enjoy them!