Saturday, March 27, 2010

farm box :)

I can't until Wednesday, my co-op dreams are coming true :)! I have been hunting for SO long for a local organic farm co-op close to us and couldn't find anything. Everything was at least 30 minutes+ away or was some overpriced trendy LA food delivery service.  I love going to Farmers Market, but since having two little ones and a busy schedule there's no guarantee that I will be able to get there every Saturday morning. I had a little play-date/hang with some mommas and kiddos last weekat our house and one gal mentioned she got great produce in her weekly farm box. Farm Box?!?! "Were in the world did you get this?!"I asked.  "Farm Fresh to You", she answered :). FFTY delivers fresh organic produce weekly for super reasonable prices right to your door! She recommended the smaller box for a family of four and was best if delivered every other week. She said it was a ton of produce! So the second I had a free moment, I sat down and signed up! Thanks Sheena for the info, I'm so glad you turned me on to Farm Fresh To You!
Enjoy! cj

Eat More Healthily. Having produce delivered to your home on a set frequency is essential to obtaining the recommended 7-9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.
We Are the Farm. Unlike many produce delivery services who buy produce from a warehouse and repack it, we have been growing organic produce for our customers since 1976.
Nutrition. Grocery store produce is often over a week old, losing more nutritional value each day after harvest. Our produce is picked daily and delivered fresh from our fields to your family.
No Commitment Required. Unlike most CSA’s, Farm Fresh To You requires no commitment and allows you to cancel or suspend deliveries.
Flexibility. Choose the delivery frequency that fits you best: weekly, every other week, every 3rd or every 4th week delivery. Going on vacation or need a break from deliveries? No problem, just let us know when you would like to resume.
Customization. Customize your standard delivery to exclude items you do not wish to receive or add additional servings for items that you would like more of.
Variety and Selection. We have several services to choose from which helps fit your individual needs. We also work with neighboring organic farmers to ensure year round variety of fruits and vegetables.
Convenience. No more driving and parking for your vegetables, it comes delivered to your doorstep. A great way to save time going to the grocery store or remembering to pick up your produce at a specific time and location.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the suggestion! This sounds so awesome! I already signed up and will await our first box wednesday as well. I hear ya on trying to get out and shop healthfully for your fam and I have only one little one :) I can't wait to see what you make with your box of goodies!

Carly Jean Brannon said...

Oooh Michelle! We will have to share recipes!! Talk soon, cj

the e-wife, Karen said...

Carly can you post a pic of what you get this week? I'd love to see a sample box. I have been interested in this for awhile, the only one I knew of near me was a pick up on Saturday mornings at a local park and I didn't want to have to commit to leaving my warm house and coffee so early :-)
So I love the home delivery idea, let us know how you like it!

Carly Jean Brannon said...

Will do! Pictures coming soon :)

L a u r a said...

Great idea, and I love that you can customize your order. Our neighbor's CSA gives them rutabagas they don't like and way too many carrots right now...although we've benefited from their overabundance! =)