Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Dear Genevieve" Pots

Chad and I both love the show "Dear Genevieve" (..yes we BOTH watch it and get fun ideas for our house:) I think she's fabulous and creates awesome spaces. Last week we were watching an episode and I just happened to see some cool moss pots in the background. It got me thinking about some pots I had in the yard that were needing some love. Off to Lowes we went the next morning to grab a can of my new favorite thing... RustOleum spray paint! I have been giving many random things in our house new lives :) with spray paint recently. Next a quick stop at Michaels for some floral foam, glue sticks for the glue gun and moss. Once we got home Chad spray painted the pots. I then stuffed the dry pot with floral foam and prepped the shape. Then I glued layers of moss. After several burns from the glue gun ;) our project was complete! You really could do these with any container, box, tea cup...anything! You could make great simple center pieces in place of fresh flowers for super cheap, and they can be reused!  Enjoy! cj


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Jenny said...

Carly, my crafty friend! I love those :) You make it look so easy. I have never seen "Dear Genevive" - I'll have to find it!

Hope to see you again soon!