Tuesday, December 29, 2009

home sweet home

( no, this isn't Ford :), this is Hud practicing his big brother skills!)

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a crazy two weeks! I am out of the hospital and loving being at home. I was in for six days and was able to come home on the 17th, the Lord was so kind in His timing, I was able to wake up the next morning and celebrate Hudson's 2nd birthday with him :)

In a nut shell: I went in to the hospital Friday evening ( Dec 11th) , with terrible back pain and consistent contractions. After several blood tests, they found my platelets (what is needed for clotting) were lower than normal. They suspected there could have been a small tear in the placenta that was causing my platelets to drop, which is what we think happened and healed itself over time. The first 4 days in the hospital my platelets dropped every day.... this was quite concerning and tested my trust and peace in the Lord. I had two options, worry about things I couldn't control or trust the God who is in control of everything and is good :) Option #2 was for sure the best! On days 5 and 6 the platelets went up, which allowed me to go home.

I now am going in two times a week for monitoring and blood work, which I must say is SO much nicer than living at the hospital! It was a small glimpse of what so many family's go through on a regular basis. It made me SO grateful for my health and the ability to be with my sweet family everyday. I kept thinking, "why do I complain? my normal, everyday life is such a gift!" and "it's awesome!" It made me thankful for the "normal" that I can so easily take for granted :)

I was hoping to not have to have a C- section, but it is looking like that is most likely what will have to happen. As of now Jan 14 is when it will be scheduled. Ahhh! Thats coming soon! :) I'm secretly praying, I go into labor before, but am willing to do whatever is safest for baby Ford and I!

We had a great Christmas, simple and sweet! We enjoyed time with our family, ate good food and loved being together and celebrating the birth or our Savior! Thank you all for your prayers! Much love, CJ


Anonymous said...

Prayers for the health of you and baby Ford. Everything will be fine and you & your family will rejoice in the birth of your beautiful child.

L a u r a said...

Great to hear all is going well.

What a beautiful time of year to be expecting--in anticipation of the birth of Christ. Hey, at least you were home for Christmas instead of riding out of town on a donkey! An "ordinary" life is fabulous in that case, for sure.

Continued prayers for a safe delivery. I had 3 Cs, and they weren't bad...more time for your family to show you more love! ;) All worth it for a safe delivery and healthy babe!! I've had my four little prayer warriors on your case for months now. They love praying for expectant mommies and babies on the inside!

Peace and good cheer, Carly and all!

TerryH said...

Thanks for the update Carly. Glad Christmas was great and that you got to be home for Hudson's birthday!! My prayers are with you that all continues to go well. January 14 is a good day to be born!! If not before. Take Care & God Bless!

Christina Nichole said...

Glad to hear that you're doing alright! Praying for everything to go well.

Lori Ann said...

I know I am late in reading and responding. I am so glad things worked out well for You and that your okay, home and enjoying your beautiful family. Reading what you wrote, you are an inspiration to me for many reasons, especially now. Trust and Faith in God are the way to go every time. Thank You for the reminder.

God Bless You and Yours,