Saturday, November 14, 2009

easy fall leaves idea

I have had this blank spot on the wall of our guest bathroom that has desperately needed a something on it! Every time I walked by it it said " hang something here :)" I asked Chad if I could have a little budget to do something fun in there and he replied with " I'm sure we have something around here you could use"... not the response I was hoping for :)  But determined to have something up and of course always up for the challenge. I took on the hunt to find something we already had and re-purpose it!

Through the house I went, searching for something I could use...Ah! It came to me. Our yard is filled with beautiful colorful leaves right now that i thought might be cool in a frame? I stuck the leaves in between the pages of a heavy book and pressed them for 48 hours. I probably put 15 leaves in and will use the leftovers for gift tags, place cards, etc.  I found a frame in the garage I had bought several years ago and just couldn't find the right photos for.  I dug through my craft closet and found some floral patterned scrapbook paper I had used for something a while back. Then, simply glued 4 different leaves onto 4x6 pieces of scrapbook paper and stuck them in the frame! I don't think this project could get any more simple or cheap!

Supplies: leaves, scrap paper, frame, scissors, and a glue stick

This project would also be cool in an assortment or little collection of vintage frames with different papers or pages from old books!

I'm glad I got the response I did from Chad. There is so much around here that has potential, that with a little bit of creativity everything can be turned into something new!

p.s. I did this a couple weeks ago... I promise I've been good and off my feet! :)

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