Monday, October 5, 2009

this thing rocks!

After having dessert at our friends Matt and Suelynn's place a couple of months ago, Chad and I discovered this wonderful contraption! It is a glass, cordless, pretty much instant boil water kettle! We both love tea and Chad is now making coffee with a Chemex coffee maker which requires boiling water in a kettle. This thing is the ultimate time saver and makes brewing SO much faster! It is also great for parties, it makes refills on tea or hot coco no big deal to make. There are several different companies that make it, but we really like this one... Check it out! It really is quite fabulous :)

Also... Suelynn is a pastry chef, who makes the most amazing desserts! I couldn't resist having 2 pieces of this delicious pie! I know it's fall, but stick this recipe in your back pocket, for a warmer day :)

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