Thursday, October 1, 2009

and the winner is...

Laura! Chad pulled your name out of the bowl this morning! "Santa Monica" will be on it's way to Austin, TX soon :)

Also, I will have all candles in stock this afternoon and NEW Holiday scents by next week!!
Here is the list again of what I have:

THANKFUL/harvest spice: pumpkin,cloves, and cinnamon, smells like pumpkin pie in FALL!! ( this is what my house smells like right now :)
JOYFUL/chestnuts and cream: this one reminds me of a vanilla late. creamy and nutty
SANTA BARBARA/red currant: similar to a cranberry but richer and sweeter, this reminds me of the scent of some cozy beach house in the fall
VENICE/raspberry: is the most fragrant and really does smell like fresh raspberry gelato from my favorite little spot on Abbott Kinney St. :)
STUDIO CITY/grapefruit: fresh, clean and sweet
PASADENA/gardenia: true gardenia scent, smells like some 1920's mansion in pasadena :)
SANTA MONICA/ apricot fresia: a yummy ,unique blend of sweet and floral
TOLUCA LAKE/ rosemary cucumber: earthy and clean
SILVERLAKE/ cilantro basil: earthy and fresh, great for kitchen :)

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Thank you for all your fabulous ideas! I will be doing some of them!!! Keep posted to see what's comming! Have a great day!