Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cupcake Bar

My friend Sarah passed this "Cupcake Bar" idea to me. I had a group of the High School Staff gals over for dinner and wanted a fun dessert. So I put out several flavors of cupcakes ( I was going to make them, but ran out of time so MARTINO'S BAKERY in Burbank came in handy and their cupcakes rock!)( I even used their famous teacakes for "cupcakes" and they were the first ones gone!) and a handful of toppings. I displayed them on cake plates and did the topping in an assortment of vintage bowls. I also told friends when they sweetly asked "what can I bring?"to bring their favorite candy or cupcake topping. We ended up having a great assortment from candy to fresh strawberries.

We then had a little decorating competition (the kitty at the top was the winner, but there were some pretty cute others too!). It ended up being really fun and was a crack up watching everyone rack their brains on what to do with their cupcakes. I will be using this "cupcake bar" for future parties and showers. It was easy and was a great little social thing to do instead of a game!


The Martinez Family said...

what a great idea! i'm hosting an upcoming shower and was racking my brains for something different... i'll definitely be plagarizing now! thanks for the updates - i love keeping up with you and the fam. love to you all, a,j,z,d martinez

Christina Nichole said...

Ohh, Martino's teacakes are amaaaazing, my aunt sometimes gets some, and they're so good! And the whole concept of a cupcake bar sounds really fun. Might have to keep that one in mind, myself! :-)