Sunday, August 30, 2009

hudson and the hill

We had a great weekend away to Lake Arrowhead for our dear friend Jenny's birthday. We stayed at their beautiful lake house and enjoyed waterskiing, great company and delicious food :). Their house has this great big grassy area outside before you hit the water to the lake. I had to pull my camera out when Hud was running down the grassy slope to Chad who was waiting at the bottom. It was so cute watching him climb up the little hill and run as fast as he could ( half the time tripping and rolling in the grass :) back down. Here are some pic's of Hud in action :)


TerryH said...

Love the bottom picture - Dad & Son. LOL.. and the 5th one... He is soo doing his thing. LOL

skini_mini said...

you have some amazing shots here! I especially like the worms-eye one of Hudson running down the hill. It's a great shot!