Monday, August 24, 2009

Care to buy a consonant?

There were some very cute names on that last post's comments but none were the baby's name. Here is the last clue :)

4. There is a D in the name...

The first person to guess the name wins a CARLY JEAN HOME fall soy candle :)
(only ONE guess per person :)

Thank you all for having fun with my silly game!


Julie Gebhards said...

I'm going to go with Reed. I had planned to name our second boy Reed, but I couldn't hang on for 9 years. I love it! I would like the Silver Lake candle. Thanks!

the e-wife, Karen said...

Is it Drew? I think that is a GREAT name. :-)

julie :: martin family living said...

can cade have a guess too!?!? only 1 per person... man, i gotta think hard and for serious now :)

julie :: martin family living said...

ian says its still fred :)

CJ Brannon said...

great guesses but ... no winners yet :)

L a u r a said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm... only ONE guess?
Well... going off of what Laura said, "Rudy" would be cool... but that's not my guess!!! (is it? no... it's not.)

Oohhhhh Drey would be cool, too. Like "Trey" but with a 'D'! Okay... that's my guess. It's such a cool name, you're going to HAVE to pick it!

*crosses fingers... i want that candle for my mom! how much do they run, anyway??

Jenny said...

Rand! That's a combo guess from the duncan's and I!! Can't wait to find out:).

Melissa said...

Wow Carly this is tough! What fun :). Eric and I each have a guess - Brad or Rudd (or Ruud I've seen it both ways). Can't wait to find out what we can call this little guy!

So much fun to hang out with you this past weekend too!

Melissa said...


Appa said...

It's gotta be Fred! Because I know how much Chad love's the voices of the Flintstone's Yaba Daba Dooooo

Anonymous said...

I'm Thinking its "REID"!!

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