Monday, June 8, 2009

yummy new spot!

 The Counter is a tasty, new (to Studio City), gourmet burger joint. Their menu is actually a checklist for you to build your own burger, so you can make it all your own.  Chad and I had a date afternoon last week and had a great time here. We ordered 1/3 lb burgers on their ever so yummy wheat buns, with horseradish cheddar cheese, mixed greens, roasted peppers, red onion and garlic sauce! We split the sweet potato/onion ring/shoe string french fry basket, that came with three fabulous sauces. We wanted the whole experience so we split a fresh chocolate chip cookie a la mode for dessert too! :) Yumm! There are some great healthy options too: their home made veggie burger or grilled chicken. You can also order any burger over a salad instead of the bun. And if you have self control, you can ditch the fries and the cookie and you can make it a whole lot healthier ;) We will be back soon! Go check it out!

 The Counter in Santa Monica

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Rusty and Jennifer said...

This is quite a random comment, I know...
but I found your blog today and just had to let you know that I am reading.
I was a friend of Chad's in high school, but haven't seen him in way too long. I have kept up with his career though and have heard that God was doing big things in His life. I am so happy to see all that He has accomplished, how God is using him and what an absolutely beautiful wife and son he has!
I just skimmed over your blog and wanted to let you know how very sorry I am for the babies that you have lost. I will praying for you guys as you continue to grow your sweet, sweet family.
I dabble in photography and am so impressed by your photos. You are very talented!
I hope you don't mind that you have a new blog reader. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you guys.

Jennifer Woolley
(but Chad will know me as Jenni Holland)