Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This past Saturday night my boys and I headed down to Gladstone's for dinner. It's located @ 17300 Pacific Coast Hwy. Pacific Palisades CA 90272. We love taking the 405 South and exiting Sunset, take Sunset Blvd. (rt) all the way down to the coast. You will dead end @ Gladstones. The drive is beautiful through all the cool neighborhoods. I know the menu is amazing, but my favorite thing ( which conveniently is the cheapest thin on the menu:)is their famous clam chowder in the fresh sourdough bread bowl. Sit outside,watch the seagulls and enjoy some delicious food! The key to this event not taking forever is MAKE RESERVATIONS! if not you'll be waiting 2 hours like we did! (we watched all the people with reservations eat dinner;)The number is 310-454-3474. Here's a couple of pics :)


Rachel Kerbel said...

I just saw your blog off of lori's cook blog-yea! I kinda scrolled down and read a little-you absolutely amaze me with your strength in the Lord-with all your babies:) again, thank for having kit and I, and showing us so much kindness! If it's ok, I will add you to my blog list:)!

CJ Brannon said...

Hey Rachel! Great job with Lori's blog :) You can totally add our blog to your list! We had a great time with you guys, hopefully we can see each other next time we're in TX. The Lord continues to grow us and teach us, we're thankful for His strength because there's no way I can do it without Him! Miss you guys, Talk soon! CJ