Saturday, November 15, 2008

cute sick baby :)


L a u r a said...

Carly, you have a cute little guy! Seeing Hudson on his ride-on toy reminds me of when our kids had all of their ride ons tearing through our house when they were little like him. Then they graduated to rollerblading through the house. Get ready!

Most certainly, you do not remember me since the last time I saw you was at Grandma Katie's funeral in 1985! I'm your dad's cousin, your great uncle Terry's (Corky) daughter, Laura (Cox) Roche. I live in Austin, TX.

Dianne (Knopp) Dedrickson, also my cousin, sent me an email with your blog address. So, I just stopped over to check it out.

It looks as though you have a very sweet, loving, and faith-filled family. Congratulations!

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