Saturday, November 8, 2008

I promise I don't work for the Los Angeles Zoo :)

After months of trying to convince Chad that Hudson and I needed a L.A. Zoo membership, the day finally came! We absolutely love it. We went twice this week! It's only about ten minutes from our house, which makes it so quick and convenient. We packed a lunch, threw the stroller in the car and were on our way! There is so much to see, you have to see it in small increments. This week we covered the monkeys, giraffe, lions, and the elephant named Billy. Now that we have a pass I'm trying to convince everyone I know to get one:) If you go a couple of times you'll cover the cost of a membership! Such a deal :) It was so amazing to see animals from around the world right here in L.A.! Our God is an incredible creator, It was so fun to see how beautiful and detailed His creation is. God is an amazing artist that has designed a fascinating world here on earth for us to live in. What a gift this creation is for us to enjoy! If this world is this beautiful, I can't wait to see heaven!